Discover the exception massages from physioski's physios and osteopaths

Therapeutic treatments

To alleviate pain

To eliminate tensions linked to stress

The physiotherapists and osteopaths allow the body to re-connect with its freedom of movement and regulating its energy, to help self-healing.

Therapie manuelle

Manual Therapy
30 min  70 € - 45 min 90 € - 1h 110 €

The full range of standard modern physiotherapy or manual therapy techniques to respond to your individual needs.

Benefit: Relieve the main part of mechanic, inflammatory and metabolic pain.



Massage reflexe plantaire


30 min  60€  -  45 min  80€​

After-ski rejuvenation

Highly hydrating treatment which deeply repairs skin that has been exposed to the elements.


Lifting effect

The art of knowing how to perform different gentle manual therapies appropriate to the needs of your body : reflexology, acupressure, visceral movements, functional and structural articulation movements, muscular stimulations and massage.

Manual Global Treatment

30 min  60€  -  45 min  80€​

Confort digestif
Massage réflexe plantaire
Réharmonisation articulaire et musculaire
Drainage lymphatique 







Personalised treatment

1h 110€  -  1h30 150€  -  2h 180€

manual therapy - osteopathy + sports or well-being massage



Youthful face treatment


​​2 lifting effect treatments, 30 minutes

1 rejuvenation treatment, 30 minutes

Well-being massages

To relax

To recharge

These massages create an immediate sense of peace in your physical and nervous system. Performed by physiotherapists or osteopaths who are there to listen, they are particularly recommended for relaxing people who are stressed and to let the body and mind regenerate.

Massage Q-chi line

Well Being Massage

30 min  55 €  -  45 min  75 €  -  1h  95 €

Essential oil massage focussing on muscles and reflex zones of the body.

Benefits: soothes and encourages release.


Massage Oriental

Oriental Massage.

1h15 120 €

Pressing massage, for the deep tissues. Experience inner peace and relaxation guided by expert hands.

Benefit: calming, body’s breath.


Massage bien être

Head in the stars

30 min 60 €  -  45 min 80 €

Massage that works on the skin vascularization and elasticity for head, face and neck.

Benefit: lifting effect, mental and nervous relaxation.








For her



Face care 30 minutes and well-being massage 1 hour



5h Pack 


Use your card as you wish for 5 hours of massages, to discover our different treatments or to get your friends to enjoy it too !

Sports massages

For high performance

To avoid injuries and muscular cramps

To recuperate faster.

Novices and experienced people will benefit from the very same treatments that athletes from the French Ski Federation receive, to optimise their muscular performance.

Muscle Preparation

30 min   60 €  -  45 min  80 €  -  1h  100€ 

Manual action and arnica oils will prepare your body and muscles to face the beautiful alpine 


Recovery Massage

30 min  60 €  -  45 min  80 €  -  1h  100 € 

Arnica essential oil and tissue draining techniques makes you feel revitalized and you will recover 


Massage relax express

Relax Express Massage

15 min   35 €

Massage of a region of the body: legs, back or head-neck-face.

Benefit : relax one body’s part.




For him



Stretching 30 minutes and well-being massage 1 hour



Sports Preparation and Recovery​


1 preparation massage 30 min
1 recovery massage  45min


To better respond to the needs of every client, we have created some personalised packages that combine various techniques. The choice of one technique over another is up to you ; your physiotherapist/osteopath will be able to advise you and respond to your needs.