Sports massages

A holiday in Alpe d’huez or les 2 Alpes is an opportunity to try out many sports activities in both summer and winter. In order to fully enjoy skiing, road cycling and many other activities, take care of your body thanks to the Physioski sports massages. Whether it’s a massage to prepare your body at the start of your holiday, or a massage to recuperate afterwards, Physioski offers you bespoke massages. Performed by a certified therapist, this type of massage will allow you to make the most of your mountain break. 


  • preparation massage

So that you can be ready for a day of activities, and to limit the risk of cramps and muscle pain, we offer a complete revision and re-balancing of your body’s muscular-skeletal system.

 Depending on your needs, this session includes massage, stretches, and joint manipulations so that you can serenely take up your activity afterwards.


Fee : 15 min 35€ - 30 min  60€  -  45 min  80€  -  1h  100€  



  • recuperation massage

This massage helps to avoid muscle pain the day following skiing or cycling, which can cause a lot of muscular fatigue. This massage works on all the exhausted muscle groups, allowing to find suppleness, drain toxins and re-oxygenate the muscles. It accelerates the recuperation process, limits the sensation of burning thighs during the night and means you can continue your daily sports activities in optimal condition. 


Fee : 15 min 35€ - 30 min  60€  -  45 min  80€  -  1h  100€  



  • personalised treatement

 Manual therapy – osteopathy + well-being or sports massage



Fee : 1h 110€ - 1h 30 min 150€ - 2h 180h