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Sports massages

Some holidays in Alpe d’huez, les 2 Alpes, les Arcs or Chamonix is an opportunity to try out many sports activities in both summer and winter. In order to fully enjoy skiing, cycling and many other activities, take care of your body thanks to the Physioski sports massages. Whether it’s a massage to prepare your body at the start of your holiday, or a massage to recover faster, Physioski offers you bespoke massages. Performed by a certified therapist, this type of massage will allow you to make the most of your mountain break. 


  • preparation & RECOVERY MASSAGE

So that you can be ready for a day of activities, and to limit the risk of cramps and muscle pain, we offer a complete revision and re-balancing of your body’s muscular-skeletal system.
 Depending on your needs, this session includes massage, stretches, and joint manipulations so that you can serenely take up your activity afterwards.



Duration 30min / 45min / 1h. Rates on resort page



  • personalised treatement

 Manual therapy – osteopathy +  massage



Duration 1h / 1h30. Rates on resort page



Thank you for presenting 10min before your massage to prepare you.

In case of delay or cancellation less than 24h in advance the massage will be fully charged.




For a responsible and positive approach, we have always chosen organic products for each treatment, from the Weleda laboratory, in harmony with humans and nature.



Feedback in the Castillan***’s ‘Livre d’Or’ 



More than a massage – it was a real whole body treatment! Don’t hesitate to try it out… 



Thank you to Thibaut for his preparation treatments at La Marmotte that helped to fix my Achilles heel! Thanks to you, I wasn’t in pain, and was able to finish the race. 



I was excited for the resort to re-open so that I could resume my good massage routine. It was perfect, you’ve not lost your touch, Thibaut!