Set in Alpe d’Huez, les 2 Alpes, Arc 1800 and Chamonix, in partners hôtels's spas Physioski invites you to come and relax thanks to its well-being massages. Your mountain holiday is an ideal occasion for you to take care of yourself and your body. 3 well-being massages are on offer, depending on your needs. Performed by a certified massage therapist, your massage will be bespoke, according to your specific requests. Physioski offers exceptional benefits during a really blissful pause. 


  • relaxation massage


When exhaustion has built up due to stressful daily life and mental strain, this full body massage is divine and helps you to recharge with positive energy – a moment of pure pleasure. The expert hands of the Physioski massage therapists and osteopaths will focus on areas that promote well-being in the body during this full body massage. 


Benefits: soothing; allows you to let go


Fee Alpe d'Huez, Arc 180, Chamonix : 30 min - 55€   /   45 min - 75€    /   1h - 95€

Fee 2 Alpes : 30 min - 50€   /   45 min - 70€    /   1h - 90€




  • Over the Moon 


An opportunity to totally let go. The first part of the massage treats all the tensions accumulated in your neck and shoulders.

The second part is simply exceptional. The cranial work is accompanied by background music, allowing your spirit to be projected into the cosmos! It’s an incredible sensation: Your mind and body detach themselves, incapable of thought, generating deep relaxation of your nervous system. You’ll experience a long-term effect on your nervous system thanks to your neck and shoulders having been initially released of tension.


Benefits: Anti-migraine, release of accumulated stress, deep mental and nervous system relaxation


Fee Alpe d'Huez, Arc 180, Chamonix : 30 min - 55€   /   45 min - 75€    /   1h - 95€

Fee 2 Alpes : 30 min - 50€   /   45 min - 70€    /   1h - 90€





  • oriental massage


A full body massage with a well-being massage approach, onto which are added massage techniques that work on all your joints. Deep, pleasant and rhythmic, this Physioski massage has no match. You will be left feeling 20 years younger; supple and relaxed. 


Benefits: Soothes, oxygenates and softens the muscles and joints.


Fee Alpe d'Huez, Arc 1800, Chamonix : 1h15 - 120€ 

Fee 2 Alpes :  1h15 - 115€ 



  • Bespoke well-being massage


With the help of your Physioski massage therapist, create your own customised version of the well-being massage, based on your personal needs and desires. 



Fee Alpe d'Huez, Arc 1800, Chamonix  30 min - 70€   /   45 min - 90€    /   1h - 110€   /   1h30 - 150€

Fee 2 Alpes :  30 min - 65€   /   45 min - 85€    /   1h - 100€   /   1h30 - 145€

  • Personalised treatment

Manual therapy – osteopathy + well-being or sports massage



Fee Alpe d'Huez, Arc 1800, Chamonix  : 1h - 110€   /   1h30 - 150€  /  2h - 180€

Fee 2 Alpes :  1h - 100€   /   1h30 - 145€  /  2h - 175€




Feedback in the Castillan’s ‘Livre d’Or’ 



The best massage of my life! 



For me, massages are a journey, and this time I travelled very far away, it was wonderful. Huge thanks to Julie, who is very attentive and effective. 



Thank you Delphine, you have a lovely touch and good vibes. All the best to you and the Physioski team. 



I had an amazing weekend! The hotel is great, the staff very polite… I met loads of celebrities and had my photo taken with 9 of them… and autographs too. I love skiing – we really had a fantastic time. 



Sincere congratulations from us to Thibaut for this wonderful service that gets better each year. Excellent relaxing massage, great 2017 – 2018 season, and all best wishes to Physioski. 



The wellbeing massage met my expectations. Thank you, Julie.