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 Physioski is a team of physiotherapists and osteopaths who are entirely at your service in Alpe d’Huez, les 2 Alpes, Arc 1800 and Chamonix. Thanks to the benefits of manual therapies and osteopathie, Physioski helps you to re-balance your body whilst benefiting from the mountain air. Your holiday help you to regenerate your body thanks to the benefits of the therapies we offer- ideal for getting ready to go back to your daily life!


  • Osteopathy - Manual therapy

Manipulation to relieve accute or chronic pain. Loosens joint blockages, relaxes musclar tension points and corrects visceral dysfonctions. 



Duration 30min/ 45min / 1h. Rates on resort page






  • Personalised treatement

Manual therapy – osteopathy + massage




Duration 1h/ 1h30 / 2h. Rates on resort page


Thank you for presenting 10min before your massage to prepare you.

In case of delay or cancellation less than 24h in advance the massage will ne fully charged. 



For a responsible and positive approach, we have always chosen organic products for each treatment, from the Weleda laboratory, in harmony with humans and nature.


Feedback in the Castillan’s ‘Livre d’Or’ 
Jean-Pierre F 
Miracle massage! A combination of wellbeing and marvellous therapy. Thanks again, Thibaut. 
Fabulous! Within 2 manual therapy treatment sessions, no more back pain! As a result, I’m going to have an Oriental Massage just for the pleasure of it… Thank you Thibaut for your know-how, your listening and your generosity. 
WOOWWW – that is all! Great massage and manipulation . Thank you. 
Mod V 
On the first day of 2017, I had another massage with Thibaut, a very good physiotherapist who takes his work seriously and has great advice. My whole family makes the most of Thibaut’s relaxing skills. Thanks and see you again soon. 
It was great to have a massage with Julie before I left Alpe d’Huez. I was very stiff and it worked wonders for me. Wonderful relaxation. I can now go home with a completely relaxed body. 
The osteophathy session with Mallorie was superb. 
Well done Thibaut! Thank you for all your good massages, advice, sincerity and kindness. See you soon in March.