Physioski is a team of physiotherapists and osteopaths who are entirely at your service in Alpe d’Huez and the 2 Alpes. Thanks to the benefits of manual therapies, Physioski helps you to re-balance your body whilst benefiting from the mountain air. Your holiday help you to regenerate your body thanks to the benefits of the therapies we offer- ideal for getting ready to go back to your daily life!


  • Osteopathy

When we experience acute or chronic pain or blockages, these techniques allow the body to react, to liberate its tensions and to eliminate pain linked to stress.

We are also more receptive whilst in holiday mode, and the body has time to regenerate. The benefits are therefore more intense and long-term. 


Fee : 30 min  70€ - 45 min 90€ - 1h 110€



  • Anti-wrinkle facial treatment


The first part of this massage of Japanese origin is on the acupressure points, allowing energy to circulate freely in the meridians. The second part helps to smooth the skin, and help it to generate more elasticity. The movements are very pleasant and help you to relax. 


Fee : 30 min  60€ - 45 min 80€



  • Personalised treatement

Manual therapy – osteopathy + well-being or sports massage



Fee : 1h 110€ - 1h 30 min 150€ - 2h 180h