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Because you are unique, our treatments are tailor-made by experts, masseurs physiotherapists or osteopaths.
Our work is aimed towards offering you the best possible experience, in our world of well-being. And we are happy to offer you a warm welcome.

New : Spa des Lacs

+33 (0)7 66 81 01 71 


Well-Being MassagesPhysioski Wellness Massage: spa, massages and osteopathy by physiotherapist and osteopathic masseursOVER THE MOON

Relaxation of the neck muscles followed by an ideal cranial massage to let your mind fly.

 30min - 60€  /  45min - 80€  



Would you like a overall massage or focusing on specific parts? Compose with your massage therapist the well-being massage of your dreams.  

30min - 60€   /   45min - 80€   /   60min - 100€   /   1h30min - 150€



Full body massage with gentle manipulation and acupressure points, this is the deepest and most relaxing well-being massage.

1h - 100€  /  1h30min - 150€  


OsteopathyPhysioski Osteopathy: spa, massages and osteopathy by physiotherapist and osteopathic masseurs


Manipulation to relieve accute or chronic pain. Loosens joint blockages, relaxes musclar tension points and corrects visceral dysfonctions.

30min - 70€   /   45min - 95€   /   60min - 120€




Sports massagesPhysioski sports massage: spa, massages and osteopathy by physiotherapist and osteopathic masseurs


Is vital for the French Athletics Team, why not for you? Give yourself the opportunity to achieve your sporting goals.

  30min - 60€   /   45min - 80€   /   1h - 100€



Facial treatments 


Facial massage of Japanese origin ensures the proper circulation of energy in the meridians. Gentle gestures smooth the skin and bring to life a moment of deep relaxation. 

30min - 60€   /   45min - 80€ 







Manual therapy or osteopathy + massage. 

1h - 120€   /   1h30 - 160€   /   2h - 200€  



Your choice of 5 hours of massages from the entire Physioski leaflet. Which can be shared between the whole family including your children.




For a responsible and positive approach, we have always chosen organic products for each treatment, from the Weleda laboratory, in harmony with humans and nature.



Le Castillan*** 

268 Route de la Poste, 38750 Alpe d’Huez

Hotel le Castillan with massage and osteopathy areas reserved for physiotherapist and osteopathic masseurs of Physioski

The Castillan*** welcomes you for a moment of wellness in a soft atmosphere in the heart of Alpe d'Huez. The perfect setting for a massage by physioski's physiotherapists and osteopaths. To welcome you in the best conditions, the hotel has 2 massage rooms, a sauna, cocooning hammam and fitness area. 


Les Grandes Rousses**** 

425 Route du Signal, 38750 Alpe d’Huez

Hotel les grandes rousses avec espaces massage et ostéopathie réservé aux masseurs kinésithérapeutes et ostéopathes de Physioski

Grandes Rousses**** has six areas dedicated to relaxation and well-being including an aqua-sensory space. You will discover the sauna with a mountain view, hammam, ice fountain, sensory bath heated to 32° or the sensory showers 4 seasons. Take advantage of a break to discover the treatments offered by physiostherapist and Physioski osteopaths.          




Résidence Alpenrose****

150 Chemin de Fond Morelle, 38750 Alpe d’Huez

Residence Alpenrose with massage and osteopathy areas reserved for physiotherapist and osteopathic masseurs of Physioski

           Located in the Bergers, the Alpenrose residence**** is a charming stone chalet combining authenticity and modernity. Composed of 27 apartments, it offers an exceptional panorama of the valley. The residence has a spa area with a treatment cabin. Take advantage of the possibility to get a massage.


Résidence Pierre et vacances****

 336 Avenue des Marmottes, 38750 Alpe d’Huez

Résidence Pierre et Vacances Les Bergers avec espaces massage et ostéopathie réservé aux masseurs kinésithérapeutes et ostéopathes de Physioski      

Les Bergers residence****  has a free-access relaxation area with two saunas, a duo massage room and a wellness centre, offering the services of physiotherapist and osteopate therapists from Physioski.







Thibaut AVENIER Physical therapist - masseur Physioski

  Director of Physioski at Alpe d'Huez 2008.

  State degree masseur - physiostherapist.

  Trained in manual therapy by the athlete.

  Physiotherapist of the French Ski Federation.


  Speak French and English fluently.




Julie BOUSQUET Ostéopathe DO Physioski

  Osteopath diploma.

  Physiette Alpe d'Huez since 2016.

  Osteopath in Narbonne. 

  Training in osteopathy of sport, pediatric and equine.

  Speak French - English and Spanish fluently. 





Delphine SCHAFF Masseuse kinésithérapeute Physioski

  Ostéopathe DO

  06 43 57 26 84

  Intervenante Physioski 2020

  Speaks french - english 






Mallorie PIOT Ostéopathe DO Physioski  Ostéopath diploma.

  Physiette Alpe d'Huez since 2012. 

  Instructor at ESF of Alpe d'Huez.

  Ostéopath in Bourg d'Oisans.

  Speak French and English fluently.






Soline MONTALTI Ostéopathe DO Physioski

  Osteopath diploma.

  Physiette Alpe d'Huez since 2012.

  FROM Osteopathy in Sport.

  Instructor at ESF of Alpe d'Huez.

  Osteopath in Avignon and with team follow-up from Rugby and dance. 

  Speak French and English fluently.


Hugo Sanchez  

Soline MONTALTI Ostéopathe DO Physioski

  State degree masseur - physiostherapist.

  Passionné de sport, en particulier de football et de triathlon.

  07 87 88 22 20

  Speaks French, Spanish and English.



Nicknamed "The Island in the Sun", Alpe d'Huez is an internationally renowned ski destination.  A winter sports resort located on the former mountain pastures of the village of Huez in Isère, 59 km from Grenoble (1 hour by car) and 4 hours from Paris (TGV + Car). It's part of the Grandes Rousses massif, located in Oisans, near the 2 Alps, in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region. It's served for its foreign customers by Grenoble-Isère or Lyon Saint-Exupéry airports.
Naturally beautiful by its south-facing exposure, on a plateau at an altitude of 1860 metres overlooking the Oisans and its Valleys and by its rich cultural heritage, Alpe  d'Huez has been permanently occupied since the Middle Ages.
The resort has the Sarenne glacier, the starting point for legendary descents, including the longest run in the worl : La Sarenne. Connected to 4 other ski resorts in the Grandes Rousses massif, Villard Reculas, Auris, Oz and Vaujany, Alpe d'Huez ski area offers more than 250 km of slopes, more than 50% of which are equipped with automatic snow guns: the best guarantee of being able to ski from the moment the lifts are open. 84 lifts allow you to enjoy the 2230m vertical drop in one go, from the Pic Blanc 3330m to Vaujany 1100m.
Huge off-piste area, little known because hidden, you must take an ESF ski instructor or a High Mountain Guide to discover it safely.
Alpe d'Huez lives to the rythm of extraordinary and enormous events : Tomorrowland Winter, Le Tour de France, Alpe d'Huez Festival, La Marmotte, Ski races.
The resort also offers many great facilities for non-skiers : Le Palais des Sport and 2 congresses, Ice rink, indoor and outdoor swimming pool, Museum, 3 cinemas, several semi gourmet restaurants, branded shops and relaxation facilities such as spas massages and osteopathy provided by physiotherapists and osteopaths Physioski.
Winter in Alpe d'Huez is a great time to ski, have fun and recharge your batteries.