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Because you are unique, our treatments are tailor-made by experts, masseurs physiotherapists or osteopaths.
Our work is aimed towards offering you the best possible experience, in our world of well-being. And we are happy to offer you a warm welcome.


Well-Being MassagesMassage bien-être Physioski : spa, massages et ostéopathie réalisés par des masseurs kinésithérapeutes et ostéopathes


Over the moon

Relaxation of the neck muscles followed by an ideal cranial massage to let your mind fly.

 30min - 60€  /  45min - 80€  



Would you like a overall massage or focusing on specific parts? Compose with your massage therapist the well-being massage of your dreams.  

30min - 60€   /   45min - 80€   /   60min - 100€   /   1h30min - 150€



Full body massage with gentle manipulation and acupressure points, this is the deepest and most relaxing well-being massage.

1h - 100€  /  1h30min - 150€  



OsteopathyOstéopathie Physioski : spa, massages et ostéopathie réalisés par des masseurs kinésithérapeutes et ostéopathes



Manipulation to relieve accute or chronic pain. Loosens joint blockages, relaxes musclar tension points and corrects visceral dysfonctions.

30min - 70€   /   45min - 95€   /   60min - 120€




Sports massagesMassage sportif Physioski : spa, massages et ostéopathie réalisés par des masseurs kinésithérapeutes et ostéopathes



Is mandatory for the French Athletics Team, why not for you? Give yourself the opportunity to achieve your sporting goals.

  30min - 60€   /   45min - 80€   /   1h - 100€




Facial treatments 


Facial massage of Japanese origin ensures the proper circulation of energy in the meridians. Gentle gestures smooth the skin and bring to life a moment of deep relaxation. 

30min - 60€   /   45min - 80€ 




Manual therapy or osteopathy + massage. 

1h - 120€   /   1h30 - 160€   /   2h - 200€  



Your choice of 5 hours of massages from the entire Physioski leaflet. Which can be shared between the whole family including your children.




For a responsible and positive approach, we have always chosen organic products for each treatment, from the Weleda laboratory, in harmony with humans and nature. l'être humain et la nature.




Le Prieuré*** 

149 Allée Recteur Payot, 74400 Chamonix-Mont-Blanc

Hotel le Prieuré avec espaces massage et ostéopathie réservé aux masseurs kinésithérapeutes et ostéopathes de Physioski

Hotel with historical past, the Pireuré*** welcomes you in the heart of Chamonix for your holidays. To make thes a pleasant moment, the hotel offers massagers by physiotherapist and Physioski osteopathic masseurs in a dedicated area within the hotel.        





Mercure Centre Chamonix**** 

39 Rue des Allobroges, 74400 Chamonix-Mont-Blanc

Hotel Mercure Centre Chamonix avec espaces massage et ostéopathie réservé aux masseurs kinésithérapeutes et ostéopathes de Physioski

Located in the heart of Chamonix city center, the Mercure Hotel**** is ideally located for enjoying the ski area. The hotel offers its guests a moment of wellness with massages by physiotherapist and Physioski osteopathic masseurs.           








Marion ROCHER Ostéopathes DO Physioski

  Osteopath diploma 
  Physiette Chamonix since 2018 
  +33 7 67 39 57 40
  Speaks French and English





Anne POLLET ostéopathe DO Physioski  Osteopath diploma 
  Physiette Chamonix since 2018 
  +33 6 61 09 42 80
  Speaks French and English







Chamonix Mont-Blanc is the mythicak mountain destination of the Alps. Located at the foot of Mont-Blanc, in the Haute-Savoie department, in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region, 1h10 by car from Annecy and Geneva, 2h15 from Lyon. Chamonix is served by trains, the SNCF stations is 100m from the Mercure Centre hotel.
More than a winter sports resort, it's a high mountain city, cosmopolitan, full of climberrs from all over the world who speak all the languages of the world. Several starting points towards the summits are possible : the brevent, the aiguille du midi with the white valley, the sea of ice, the silver, the Houches, Vallorines. Mont Blanc is the highest peak in the Alps, which is in Grance according to the French and in Italy according to the Italians...On the other hand, it's indisputable, Chamonix Mont-Blanc is in France and it's the place to be !
In winter, skiing is the sport of choice. A few marked trails, a small beginner's area, and an huge off-piste area, ice falls, ... For enthusiasts, the fiels is endless. In Chamonix, you can start skiing ans mountaineering, but it's especially from the moment you have a good level that you can enjoy the vastness of Mont-Blanc.
In summer, trail and climbing are the 2 most practiced sports. The trail has been in full expansion for a few years. Marathon du Mont-Blanc, Ultra Trail du Mont-Blanc, in total more than 10 events in the genre are organized each year. I summer, too, the scenery is breathtaking and the mountain is taken over by enthusiasts. 
For athletes, Physioski osteopaths are there to prepare theme for their days of intensive sports or have them recovered after the effort ! When you play sports around Chamonix, it's always hard ! 
But in the end, in Chamonix, there is no need to be sporty to feel good and enjoy the destination. The Mont-Blanc atmosphere, the colours, the mountain people with their backpacks and ice axes, tourists with their cameras generate an energy thaht you can't feel anywhere else. The pedestrian city centre with its many bars, restaurants going as far as gastronomy, mountain shops, luxury shops, spa relaxation areas, terms, and of course the most important : wellness massages and osteopathic sessions performed by Physioski's physiotherapists and osteopaths masseuses.