We only offer food supplements and natural and organic body products. 

We are selecting the products of the different sections : 

Face creams



SKIN FOOD REPAIRING SKIN  - 12.40€ - 30 ml

This cream with multipurpose medicinal plants repairs very dry and damaged skin.

Extracts of wild pansy, organic chamomile and organic calendula moisturize the skin instantly. The light texture penetrates quickly and protects it from drying out. The skin is softer and sooth.





COLD CREAM FACE  - 12.40€ - 30 ml
Cold Cream Face strengthens, protects the skin from drying out and protects it from external aggressions.

Rich in sweet almond oil, known for its softening and soothing virtues, and in beeswax, with protective and nourishing properties, the Cold Cream Face protects and nourishes the epidermis in case of dry or very dry skin or when unfavorable external conditions (wind, cold, dry heat). It prevents sskin dryness, strengthens and helps the skin to regain its softness.






A protective and nourishing care with organic Calendula suitable for the whole family. Soothes sensitive or dry skin.

This smooth cream combines the nourishing and protectie properties of sweet almond oils and beeswaxe with the soothing and softening properties of the Calendula flower extract, for the care and protection of sensitive or dry skin. 

This cream soothes sensitized incase of redness due to weather of friction and sooth weakened skin by hair removal, shaving.




EVERON LIP TREATMENT  - 12.40€ - 4,8 g

Everon Lips Care protects the lips from drying out.

Vulnerable to the cold and other external aggressions, the lips dry up easily. Thanks to its formula rich in organic jojoba oil, organic shea butter, beeswax and different vegetable waxes, this treatment prevents the lips from drying out and makes them soft and supple.

Deliciously perfumed with rose and vanilla, this treatment protects sensitie lips against climatic variations.



Massage Oils & Body Care 



ARNICA MASSAGE OIL - 12.40€ - 100 ml
A massage oil with organic arnica flower extract, designed for sport preparation and recovery. 

This massage oil has been specially formulated to facilitated sport preparation and recovery. Organic Arnica extract relieves. Organic sunflower and olive oils guarantee optimal gliding during massages. The essential oils of lavender and rosemary with aromatic fragance reinforce the toning and relaxing effects of masage.



CALENDULA MASSAGE OIL - 12.40€ - 100 ml
A massage an care oil for sensitive skin, with Calendula extract.

This massage oil has been specially formulated for sensitive and fragile skin. It contains extract of organic calendula and organic chamomile, medicinal plants known for their soothing and soothing properties. Light, nourishing organic sunflower oil contains essential fatty acids.

Tolerance tested under dermatological control.




Naturally rich in anti-oxydant active ingredients, it activates cell renewal and delays skin aging.

Naturally rich in anti-oxydants active ingredients, it delays the manifestations of skin aging by protecting the skin from the effects and stimulating the process of cell renewal. It combines organic pomegranate seed oil with regenerative properties of macadamia, sesame, jojoba and organic sunflower.

Applied after showeringor bathing the regenerating oil with pomegranate prevents dryness of the skin and preserves its elasticity.


LAVENDER RELAXING OIL - 12.40€ - 100 ml

A care and massage oil, which concentrates the soothing effects of lavender, while nourishing the skin.

A true soothing care, this body oil brings well-being and serenity. The essential oil of lavender helps to relieve tension to find relaxation and inner peace. Sesame oil, light and nourishing, is associated with sweet almond oil with softening properties.

A relaxing lavender oil massage at the end of the day or in a stressful period has soothing action and promotes harmony between body and mind. Used in the evening, it facilitates relaxation conducive to falling asleep.



MINOR MASSAGE OIL - 12.40€ - 100 ml

A slimming massage oil herbal firming virtues, to promote the reduction of cellulite, refine the silhouette and tone the skin.

A massage with this oil stimulates micro-circulation. Its formula based on extracts of young birch leaves and rosemary, root of small holly acts in case of orange peel and cellulite and helps reduce the effects of cellulite already installed.

Associated with wheat germ oil, rich in vitamin E, this complex of smooth vegetable oils, firms the skin. Natural essential oils support these revitalizing and firming effects while providing a fresh and light scent.




SKIN FOOD BAUME CORPS - 12.40€ - 150 ml

The skin Food Body Balm nourrishes and soothes the skin leaving a unique scent on the skin.

Since 1926, the Weleda Skin Food also known as medicinal plants cream has conquered the world as a multi-use skincare and body care very dry and assaulted skin. Alongside the Skin Food discover a light texture for the face.



MASSAGE OIL STRETCHERS - 12.40€ - 100 ml

To prevent the appearance of unsightly marks, Weleda advises each woman to maintain the elasticity of her skin.

To meet the specific need of pregant women, Weleda has created Stretch Marks Oil based on sweet almond oils, organic jojoba and wheat germ naturally rich in vitamin E and enriched with organic arnica extract.

Applied in massages from the beginning of pregnancy, Stretch Marks Oil promotes the prevention and reduction of stretch marks, improving the elasticity and tone of the skin. 



Shower Bath 





ARNICA SPORT SHOWER GEL - 12.40€ - 200 ml

Give yourself a cool moment after exercice and enjoy a fresh and stimulating shower with organic arnica flower extract.

The Sport Shower Gel with organic Arnica gives you a moment of well-being and freshness to allow the body to regain all its energy. Ths Shower gel is composed of a gentle plant washing base that preserves the natural moisture of the skin.








SHOWER CREAM IN GRENADA - 12.40€ - 200 ml

True invitation to travel, discover a warm and sensual fragance composed of sandalwood, davana and vanilla, which invites the awakening of the senses.

The awakening shower cream is composed of a vegetable washing base that cleanses the skin gently. Enriched with irganic sesame oil and organic pomegranate seed oil, a source of essential fatty acids, it preserves the natural moisture of the skin and guarantees real comfort.









Very soft and delicately scented, this soap with organic Calendula flower extract, 100% naturel origin, cleans while respecting sensitive skin.

This natural vegetable soap with extracts of organic calendula flower, organic chamomile flower and wild pansy has been specially designed for toilet of sensitive skin. Its develops a fine and unctuous foam cleans gently.








A bath that accompanies athletes after exercise, thanks to the soothing and soothing properties of the arnica flower.

Real concentrated in medicinal plants, the Arnica Sport Recovery Bath accompanies sportsmen after the effort, thanks to the soothing and soothing properties of the arnica flower extract associated with the toning rosemary and relaxing lavender. A bath with arnica relaxes and comforts : the sensation of stiffness and fatigue are dissipated.





Atmosphere & Inhalations





Let a breath of fresh air enter your home. This indoor fragance provides a breathing comfort, comforting particularly appreciated in winter.

With its organic essential oils of Eucalyptus, Rosemary and Pine, this room fragance gently perfumes the atmosphere and brings you a breathing comfort.






Let you transported by the delicated fragance with a sweet citrus note to bring relaxation and weel-being.

With its organic essential oil of Lavender, Lavandin bergamot and marjoram this room scent facilitates the relaxation that prepares to fall asleep.






BREATHING VITALITY - 12.40€ - 50 ml

Let you be carried away by the invigorating and energizing fragance a scent with peppery and minty notes to energize your mood.

With its organic essential oils of Lemon, sweet mint and geranium rosat this scent awakens the body and mind.




Food supplements 


BIRCH JUICE - 12.40€ - 250 ml

This natural food supplement with organic birch leaf extract supports elimination functions.

The bright fresh leaves of birch in spring are full of dynamic essences being carried from the roots to the leaves. We harvest young leaves from controlled wild collections and carefully process them to preserves natural flavonoids, saponins and tannins. Biodynamic lemon juice completes the treat. Fresh and tart-tasting, it's ideal as part of a sping or autumn regime.








SEA BUCKTHORN SYRUP - 12.40€ - 250 ml

Organic Sea Buckthorn syrup helps revitalize and strengthen the body's natural defenses.

This organic sea buckthorn juice syrup is rich in natural vitamin C, and also contains vitamin E and beta-carotene. It's supplemented with cane sugar and organic honey for those who prefer a sweeter taste. Sea buckthorn is an excellent tonic that helps revitalize the body.








EPB ORGANIC ARTICHOKE - 12.40€ - 60 ml

Do you feel fouled ? You wake up around 2am ? You're not fit in the morning ?

The liver is an organ that is part of the digestive system. Some substances that come to its level can be toxic to the body : one of the roles of the liver is to degrade these substances into non-toxic products. In case of difficult digestion, a healthy and varied diet, supplemented by taking natural solutions such as organic artichoke, will contribute to a light digestion and well-being of the liver. 








Your sleep is not restorative ?

During sleep, the brain processes all the information it has incorporated during the day. It's also during this phase that the energy reserves are replenished. The lack of repeated sleep then quickly induces a state of fatigue and lethargy. California Yellow Poppy Plant Extract helps build quality sleep and relaxation.









EPB ECHINACEA - 12.40€ - 60 ml

This dietary supplement helps strengthen the immune system.

Knowledge of the benefits of Purple Echinacea and its use goes back to North American Indians. Echinacea helps make the body more resistant and support natural immune definces.








Bars & Energy products